Citizen Engagement Platforms


Citibot is an omni-channel, AI powered chat system for government customer service and engagement. With Citibot, residents can chat through (1) The Government Website, (2) Text Message, (3) Facebook Messenger, (4) Twitter, and soon (5) WhatsApp to get questions answered, make service requests and submit direct messages to be escalated to a Live Conversation.

Citibot Integrates into the government technology stack, like a CRM for example, to submit data to the proper agency department. We work with local and state governments around the US and are founded and run by people who know the uniqueness and importance of government and the relationships of trust that can be built.

Contractor Contact

Bratton Riley
[email protected]
(843) 324-6167

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
09/15/2021 09/14/2026 09/14/2028