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Master agreement # AR3757. Master Agreement #AR3757 Awarded two (2) Categories: Category 1 - Platform Management, and Category 4 - Customer Engagement

Indigov is the next-generation constituent management and correspondence platform for public officials and their staff. More than 1,500 Congressional staffers use Indigov every day to centrally manage constituent casework and correspondence from mail, email, SMS, social media, phone, and more. We support elected officials who serve more than 100 million people, and can now communicate with those constituents in a more meaningful, modern way. The cloud-based platform reduces average response time from months to minutes and saves staffers up to two hours each day. It is accessible from any mobile device. With Indigov’s value-add items such as data layering and websites, we help elected officials transform their constituent experience.

Communications & Outreach: Use Indigov to respond to inquiries from across your channels and to create, approve, and send messages to targeted lists.

Casework: Use Indigov to track every message related to a constituent’s case on one screen, and update it from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Mass Email Response: Use Indigov to sort, batch, and auto-respond to incoming robo-mail with plain-language rules and just a few clicks.

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Steve Gilleland
[email protected]
(614) 325-9754

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09/15/2021 09/14/2026 09/14/2028