Citizen Engagement Platforms

Tyler Technologies

Master Agreement # AR3764

Award Categories:
Category 1 – Platform Management - A software solution that will offer a variety of applications to help customers (i.e., public entities) manage systems across platforms. Platform management will answer questions and contain solutions that remember, remind, and respond to users.

Category 2 – Master Data Management - A software solution that will provide the means to associate various records pertaining to an individual. Includes technology to ensure uniformity and accuracy of master data assets and coordination of data across all platforms. Allows a public entity to create and manage a central, persistent system of record or index of record for master data. Solution supports ongoing master data
stewardship and governance requirements through workflow-based monitoring and corrective-action techniques.

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Contractor Contact

Roxanne Nydegger
[email protected]
(913) 489-5218

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
04/19/2022 09/14/2026 09/14/2028