Computer Premium Savings Package (2017 - 2021)

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Please see the Computer Equipment, Peripherals & Related Services portfolio

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The Premium Savings Package (PSP) is a program that operates within the Computer Equipment, Peripherals & Related Services Contract led by Minnesota. PSP consists of seven lists of products whose specifications have been pre-defined (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Server, Storage, Monitor, & Printer). The product specifications are refreshed, and vendors holding master agreements are asked to submit new offers every six months. The offers, and the prices are held steady and able to be purchased for the following six month period (July to December & January to June).   Visit the contractors tab to see the latest offeriing in the PSP program.


Please see the Computer Equipment, Peripherals & Related Services portfolio for the State Participating Addenda.


To order, you should go to the appropriate website for the manufacturer you have chosen and your State. Confirm the pricing, get the SKU’s, etc. and then order the way you would always order within your State or entity. Remember, please, that your State has reserved the ability to limit your choices of configurations and options when you are actually ordering. If you have questions about these limits, please contact the appropriate state contact.

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