Electronic Monitoring

The purpose of this contract is to provide electronic monitoring of offender services-radio frequency (RF) monitoring, alcohol monitoring, and satellite monitoring and remote tracking (GPS).

The Electronic Monitoring of Offenders will be extended through May 31, 2023 with all awarded Contractors. As Master Agreement extensions are executed, each Vendor tab will up dated to reflect the new date and the executed amendment will be posted.

Attenti US, Inc Attenti US, Inc View Details

BI Incorporated BI Incorporated View Details

SCRAM Systems SCRAM Systems View Details

Satellite Tracking of People, LLC Satellite Tracking of People, LLC View Details

Sentinel Offender Services, LLC Sentinel Offender Services, LLC View Details

Lead State

  • Washington
    Stacia Wasmundt
    [email protected]
    (360) 407-8179
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