Electronic Monitoring

The State of Connecticut and the Multistate Sourcing Team have completed the evaluation phase for the new Electronic Monitoring Products and Services RFP (22PSX0021).  Connecticut intends to issue a Partial Award, meaning upon each successful negotiation, beginning with the highest-scoring proposer, and pending legal approval, the resulting Master Agreement will be executed and issued to avoid waiting until all Master Agreements are finalized before issuing one complete Master Agreement Award.

The State of Connecticut intends to award to multiple Contractors though the final quantity depends upon the negotiation phase.

Both the State of Connecticut and NASPO remain highly aware and sensitive to the criticality of this portfolio and as such are working extremely hard to get Master Agreements in place.

Participating Entities are strongly encouraged to explore the option of extending their current Participating Addendums past the 5/31/23 end date of the current Master Agreements; if allowable per your state statutes, to ensure continuity of service coverage required until Partial Awards commence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tia Snyder at [email protected].


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