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The suppliers (two out of three) have exercised the first of their renewal options. The portfolio now expires January 18, 2025. There is one more renewal option left.


This master agreement includes:

  • IT business advice, objective IT research, and IT data that is thematic, prescriptive, and executable, and that provides a comprehensive perspective on the rapidly changing IT environment;
  • Access to an online database containing IT research articles;
  • Response to over-the-phone inquiries regarding published articles and direction on other available resources;
  • Advisory services regarding strategic and tactical planning for customer’s IT policy development; and
  • On-site workshops, advisory engagements, and conferences on IT related topics.
  • Consulting Services: For guidance on Consulting Services covered under this portfolio and how to utilize these services, please see Consulting Services Request document located in the Portfolio Information tab under Documents/Details"

Forrester Research, Inc Forrester Research, Inc View Details

Gartner, Inc. Gartner, Inc. View Details

International Consulting Acquisitions Corp dba ISG Public Sector International Consulting Acquisitions Corp dba ISG Public Sector View Details

Lead State

  • Minnesota
    Mark Haselman
    [email protected]
    (651) 201-3049
  • Awarded:
  • Expiration:
  • Renewals Limit:

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