Public Safety Communications Products, Services, and Solutions

E.F. Johnson Company

E.F. Johnson Company is authorized to sell only products they manufacture.
There must be separation between E.F. Johnson and JVC Kenwood except when a complete radio system solution is needed.

They have been awarded the opportunity to offer a complete system solution. They may partner with other manufacturers as a part of the solution, but must manufacture at least 33% of the complete solution.

They may sell products they manufacture in the single-band, multi-band categories/sub-categories along with P-25 only base station repeaters. The may also offer products in the conventional radio sub-categories, dispatch consoles, and interoperability gateway devices.

When an eligible Participating or Purchasing Entity executes a Participating Addendum, Purchasers may contact any of the awarded Contractors directly to make inquiries or a purchase. If Contractors utilizes authorized reseller or dealers, Purchases will need to follow the rules for their state required to access resellers or dealers.

Contractor Contact

John Daly
[email protected]

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
10/01/2021 12/31/2026 12/31/2026