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The Master Agreements in this portfolio provide Public Safety/Law Enforcement Video & Vehicle Mounted Equipment in the following three Product Bands:

  • Band 1 - Body Worn Video Cameras and Recording Devices; which includes: mobile camera and recording equipment which is not permanently installed on a fixed surface; and is intended for wearing - mounted on the chest, belt, hat, or glasses etc. Video captured on this equipment is from the wearer’s perspective and is stored on a secure hosted website, or secure local storage solution.
  • Band 2 - Vehicle Mounted Video and Recording Devices; which includes: vehicle mounted camera and recording equipment that is intended for use in police vehicles, public transit, school buses, or other law enforcement or public safety vehicles.
  • BAND 3 - Video Storage, Data Security, Software, and Peripherals; which includes: all supporting equipment and/or services for video storage, including Government cloud services or local secured storage systems, data management tools, software with related maintenance and/or license fees, and related peripherals. Band 3 is not considered to be a hardware category without the purchase of bundled video products and/or accessories.

The Master Agreements may be used by state governments (including departments, agencies, institutions), institutions of higher education, political subdivisions (i.e., colleges, school districts, counties, cities, etc.), the District of Columbia, territories of the United States, and other eligible entities subject to approval of the individual state procurement director and compliance with local statutory and regulatory provisions.

AXON (formerly Taser International, Inc) AXON (formerly Taser International, Inc) View Details

Coban Technologies, Inc. Coban Technologies, Inc. View Details

Motorola (formerly WatchGuard) Motorola (formerly WatchGuard) View Details

Utility Associates, Inc. Utility Associates, Inc. View Details

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