Software Value Added Reseller (SVAR) 2022-2029

Solai & Cameron

Solai & Cameron offers competitive prices for the latest automation and innovation software products from companies such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Druid, Fortress IQ,, and
Tonkean. We have relationships with all market leaders on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Automation Solutions. Novatio Solutions is our innovation division that focuses on helping clients utilize intelligent automation solutions such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our organization’s background is in Digital Transformation and we have three decades of experience with helping organizations with transition, implementation, education/training, and support/maintenance of innovative technology. Our success is underpinned by lean programs we have created and refined to expedite delivery of value to organizations while minimizing risk. We also look at any type of organizational change with a continual improvement focus.

Our typical services have the end goal of helping organizations become self-sufficient by creating a solid foundation from which they can ultimately develop their own COE. In order to expedite this journey for clients, we have created a cascade of solutions to assist from the following:

• RPA Awareness
• Process Discovery and Evaluation
• RPA focused Business case creation and benefits realization
• Solution Design
• Solution Development
• Solution Testing, Deployment, and Hypercare
• Solution support, monitoring, improvement and innovation

These solutions convalesce into our proprietary Novatio Fast Frame Automation Scaling platform.

These programs are delivered by six sigma certified lean process engineers, highly skilled developers, and solution architects with decades of IT experience.
1. Leverage our Energize Automation Jumpstart Program to accelerate awareness, evaluate processes, and create an infrastructure that will grow with the State’s needs. Our goal is to allow the state to leverage our experience to recommend a framework that will allow quick success while leveraging all current best practices. Due to our Energize Program, we can usually perform all of the upfront work that needs to be completed prior to development within a few weeks. Many organizations spend too much time upfront exhausting money, and more importantly, time.

2. Develop quick solutions using our Core Robotic Services Catalog. Novatio, due to our experience, has developed a catalog of automations that have been proven to add value to our clients. We can quickly match this catalog with ODH’s needs and also drive ODH to areas where the most benefits will be realized. Our strategy has been to build out these solutions first using our reusable components, development blueprints, custom modules, and data analysis and alignment principles.

3. Development of an automation Nucleus™: This strategy allows organizations to think from an automation first standpoint. We create a platform that bundles organizational governance, infrastructure, security, and best practices along with the top 10 use cases for the organization into a platform that can quickly be replicated to across business units so that they can each leverage interdepartmental efficiencies that are created.

4. We grow our solution using our proprietary training pathways, our continual innovation center, and our Quality Control and Assurance Block Hour Support Model.

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